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3 Reasons Lake McConaughy Should Be On Your Travel List This Summer

Recently, we blogged about why you should consider camping in Europe and a little known camping destination on the Mediterranean. But what if you are looking for a great camping option closer to home? Then we can wholeheartedly recommend Lake McConaughy. Mostly known to mid-Westerners in Colorado, Nebraska and Kansas, those not lucky enough to live nearby may not have heard about this watery gem. Here are three reasons you need to pack up your 20L dry bag and your camping gear and head for this summer destination as soon as possible:

  • Sandy beaches in the middle of the Midwest. Lake McConaughy has miles and miles of beautiful sandy beaches, perfect for laying out and catching some sun, building a sand castle, or playing some beach volleyball. It won’t take much imagination to believe you’re in a sunny tropical location instead of a few hours from Northern Colorado.
  • It’s really full right now. The water levels have varied in the past, so occasionally some activities are restricted due to low levels. Right now, though, the levels are expected to be high all summer so you’ll have your choice of activities. Boating is especially popular on the big lake.
  • Amazing wildlife opportunities. Whether you like fishing or bird watching, the lake is home to plenty of both and everything in between. You’ll see game on land, in the water and in the air throughout your trip, making it excellent wildlife viewing for the whole family.

Of course, when you are getting ready to go camping near water, be sure to pack your dry bag. We have a variety of sizes, from 5L to 40L, so you’ll have room to keep all your gear nice and dry as you enjoy the waters of Lake McConaughy.