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Exploring the New Trend of Suspended Tents

Sometimes new trends in camping turn into camping mainstays. For instance, when we introduced our 40L dry bag, many people thought it was unnecessary to have a bag that large during their outdoor adventures…until all of their stuff got wet and ruined. Now that bag is a popular choice for kayakers, fishermen, campers, and even hikers. So what’s the next hot trend in outdoor life that could be here to stay? We think it’s going to be suspended tents.

What Are They?

Suspended tents use straps and hooks to keep them off the ground. Think of it as using your slacklining set up to support a tent; the concept is pretty much the same. Most tents use three or four points of flat webbing straps to secure them to nearby anchor points, such as trees.

Where did the idea come from?

These tentsĀ aren’t actually a new idea. People have been hanging bedding from trees from ancient times, and hammocks were even being used by the Mayans. Today’s tents, though, are roomier than their predecessors and a recent interest in being eco-friendly while camping has given a boost to the idea. There are several manufacturers making the tents now.

A Hot Trend Here to Stay

Most people who use a suspended tent say that they love them. They are comfortable, safer than on-the-ground setups, and can be set up virtually anywhere you have the anchor points so they are convenient for off-the-grid users. We think suspended tents will join our 40L dry bags as a hot trend that becomes a mainstay of camping culture!