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Great Camping Spot on the Mediterranean

We’ve discussed how camping can help make your trip to Europe more affordable, so now we’ll let you in on a little known camping secret that you can take advantage of when planning your trip: Ula, a popular resort town along Turkey’s Mediterranean coast.¬†Turkey might not be a top destination on your list of must-see places in Europe, but you might want to add it. It’s beautiful, inexpensive, and locals are generally friendly to tourists.

Is Turkey Safe?

The State Department has issued a warning to travelers going to Turkey to avoid the Eastern border of the country, which shares a border with Syria. In general, the Aegean coast where Ula is located (along the Western edge of the country) is thought to be safe, but travelers should exercise caution. Avoid political rallies, keep an eye on local media, and be vigilant when in crowds.

Where to Camp

Akyaka is located right on Gokova Bay, a part of the Mediterranean Sea. You’ll find forests, cool clear waters, and even some flamingos. Accommodations range from tents to small houses, and on average you can count on spending around $11-14 per day.

Why You Should Go

The area is absolutely gorgeous and it’s a part of Europe not experienced by many American travelers, though it’s popular with tourists from England. For Europe, it’s incredibly affordable and there are plenty of food and housing options. Some people love it so much they stay for months at a time!

Whether you choose this destination or one of the other 10,000 campsites available in Europe, be sure to pack a waterproof gear bag. It does rain a bit in the area, but camping this close to the water can result in some camping disasters. Keep your equipment safe in one of our waterproof gear bags and put your mind at ease.