River Lion 5L Premium Waterproof Floating Dry Bag

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Our heavy-duty design ensures that your dry bag will survive the most brutal conditions mother nature can throw at you. The robust, water-proof design will keep your belongings dry throughout a lifetime of travel and adventure. You will never have to worry about losing your bag at the bottom of a river either – these bags float.

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River Lion 5L Waterproof Dry Bag

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Perfectly Sized for Your Needs

The 5L River Lion dry bag is scaled down to comfortably fit all of your personal belongings. Hygiene products, personal grooming, cameras, trail mix, and numerous other items to take with you on your excursion into the great unknown. All of our waterproof dry bags include an adjustable, removable shoulder strap to allow for easy transportation. The bag is small enough that you will be able to bring it as a carry-on bag for your flight to the unexplored reaches of the world. Need more room for your gear? Check out our 10L Sea Lion and 20L Ocean Lion bags to go with it!

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