Safari Lion 40L Premium Waterproof Floating Dry Bag

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When out in the middle of nowhere, you need a bag you can be assured will never rip or tear. We put our products through the strictest of quality control standards to ensure against whatever hazards our bags may find themselves subjected to. We design our bags to be proofed against the elements, meaning your water-sensitive equipment will survive even the most torrential downpour. Drop you bag in a lake? Not a problem. Even stuffed full, our 40L dry bags will float.

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Replaceable Strap

Pure Grade Y7 Polymer

Safari Lion 40L Waterproof Dry Bag

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As a soldier might tell you: the thing you forget, is the thing that will save your life. Hikers, explorers, boaters, and anybody else who spends days and weeks away from civilization know this all too well. Having to pick and choose what gear to bring with you is a sure recipe for disaster. As such, you want packs that can carry everything you will need. This necessity is especially true for your waterproof equipment.

Our 40L dry bags offer more space than any other bag in our inventory. In spite of the size, we maintain the level of portability that our bags are known for. This allows you to carry everything you need for your journey. Don’t need that much space? We offer a wide variety of smaller bags for those who do not need the extra space. Mix and match your orders so that you will always have the right sized bag for any trip!

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